Creating Smarter

Increase Accuracy, Efficiency,
and Decision Making.

Solution for Smarter Communities

Provide another level of insight and detail into your connected environments. Intelligence that increases your Community’s efficiency.


○ Enable your Community to be more informed.
○ Take smarter management decisions based on real-time.
○ Get AI enriched data.
○ Work with AI-based, video analytics, sensors, and Universal IoT Gateways (UIG).

Use Cases

Intersection Traffic Analysis

Use next-gen IoT and AI technology to efficiently and cost-effectively decrease accidents, traffic congestion, and greenhouse gas emissions, while also managing resource allocation, policy recommendation, and enforcement methodologies.

Environmental Monitoring

Generate valuable insights for the development, management, and enforcement of methodologies designed to decrease pollutants. Provide real-time data on how best to manage a Community’s health and operations. Real data intelligence offered in a cost-effective manner that can be catered towards any city budget.

Police Drones

Our Drones are fully integrated into the SCaaS platform. Augment law enforcement capabilities, and protect more efficiently with IntelliSite’s video-monitoring solution.

Smart Water Infrastructure

Control and remotely monitor Public Works sites, cameras and sensors to monitor for intruders, while sensors are also capable of supervising the health of systems.
Deter criminal activity and react to trespassers in real time using video monitoring with AI capabilities and voice-down alerts.
Use IoT sensors to measure water quality, gate vibrations, secure battery health information and more.

Smart Lighting

Light city centers, parks and traffic routes effectively.Use IoT sensors to gain real-time environmental awareness, determine when exterior lights aren’t needed, conserve energy and save money. Analyzes data to showcase potential activity at specific areas of a city during off-peak hours. Provide the exact levels of lights – where and when needed – all through a simple management web-based interface.

Smart Parking

Manage parking spaces effectively with IntelliSite SCaaS smart parking solutions. View historical, as well as real-time data, in the Deep Insights dashboard to predict parking demand, parking habits and more to support smart decision-making regarding infrastructure developments in urban areas. Provide accurate parking guidance to drivers arriving at a city park who are trying to navigate the often stressful environment of inner cities.

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Expand the digital world to your local government, citizens, and businesses and prepare for 5G and beyond.


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