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Smart Communities of today want ways to make their operations more efficient while providing services and infrastructure that helps people live safely in their homes, neighborhoods, parks and public spaces. IntelliSite SCaaS provides a complete solution that empowers public safety agencies to manage resources more efficiently than ever before.


○ Turn-key solution.
○ Complete sensor + video management.
○ Video recording and edge computing.
○ Edge-to-cloud, AI-based, video analytics.
○ Turn data streams into real-time alerts and actions.

Use Cases

Illegal Dumping Prevention

Incorporate real-time video monitoring with AI capabilities to constantly monitor and provide data to law enforcement agencies for follow-up. Directly intervene to stop violators in the act.

City Park Safety

Implement real-time video monitoring to augment police and security surveillance and curb common park issues - such as loitering, after-hour trespassers, and vandalism. Use loudspeakers to directly intervene and stop violators in the act.

License Plate Recognition

With LPR technology from IntelliSite, information based on license plates can be quickly and efficiently flagged to law enforcement and investigative units for follow up. Identify stolen vehicles and capture infractions without tying up valuable man-power.

Citywide Video Monitoring

Citywide cameras provide a smart video feed to help observe and react to unwanted incidents in Community spaces. Upon receiving an alarm from our AI, IntelliSite agents can escalate incidents to the police department on a case-by-case basis, respecting the privacy of residents by utilizing AI that's smart enough to understand and recognize what the cameras are seeing, without requiring live monitoring by humans.

Fusion Center Video Wall

With the Intellisite SCaaS solution, your information command center is AI-Enabled. Leverage our DeepVision AI analytics and DeepInsights dashboards to collect real-time intelligence. Leverage our IntelliCare remote guard service to help monitor and respond to incidents 24/7.

Copper Theft Prevention

Copper theft is a common yet very expensive criminal activity for cities that spend millions of dollars every year to replace this costly material. Incorporating video monitoring with AI capabilities makes it possible to become alerted to and, subsequently, react to potential criminal behavior. This combination is ideal for deterring copper theft and, at the same time, saving a city money.

Crosswalk Safety

Use next-gen IoT and AI technology to efficiently and cost-effectively decrease accidents, traffic congestion, and greenhouse gas emissions, while also managing resource allocation, policy recommendation, and enforcement methodologies.

Parking Lot Monitoring

Adding IntelliSite’s AI-Enabled IoT cameras to your parking lot environments can further enable security measures, which also enables smart-parking capabilities for improved parking efficiency. Plus, our IntelliCare Platinum allows offsite agents to address potential criminal behavior in real- time.

Portable Security Trailer (Solar)

Provide security and support for high-profile city events from a mobile command center, enabling law enforcement to provide critical public safety services - such as crowd management, traffic safety, and event security - for specific areas of the Community in an energy-efficient manner.

Public Works Yard Monitoring

Incorporating video monitoring with AI capabilities to alert and react to potential criminal behavior is a great combination of deterring criminal behavior before it happens, or reacting to trespassers in real time.
The Public Yard Monitoring has the ability to communicate with violators over loudspeakers and directly intervene or notify authorities, if necessary.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Monitoring

Being able to maintain the safety and security of government- operated wastewater treatment plants is critical. Incorporating video monitoring with AI capabilities to alert and react to potential criminal behavior is a great combination capable of deterring criminal behavior, as well as observing the environment for potential contagions to ensure clean water production.

Homeless Camp Monitoring

City officials must maintain the safety and security of its Community, while acting humanely to those living in these camps. With real-time video monitoring and AI, cities can proactively manage public spaces and government buildings and deal with potential issues between the homeless population and Community-at-large.

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