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Increase Efficiency, Informed Decision
Making and Enable Stronger Community Connections.

Solution for Connected Communities

From the Boardroom to the Baseball Field, IntelliSite can help improve responsiveness, increase data-driven decision making and improve efficiencies, so your Community grows smarter.


○ Real-time command and control.
○ Centralized device management.
○ Terabytes of storage at the edge.
○ 3rd-party integrations with RFID, access control, edge analytics, etc.

Use Cases

Smart City Parks

IntelliSite offers a range of City Park solutions to enhance Community access, fit, and diversity; increase security and safety; and improve water, energy, operations and maintenance efficiency at parks. In-person 24/7 security and monitoring can be costly and ineffective; departments cannot afford to station police officers at city parks as a display of force.

Smart Transit

Use next-gen IoT and AI technology to efficiently and cost-effectively decrease accidents, traffic congestion, and greenhouse gas emissions while also managing resource allocation, policy recommendation, and enforcement methodologies. All helping you manage better and plan smarter. SCaaS provides advanced vehicle traffic assessment capabilities, as well as incident detection.

Smart Education

IntelliSite’s Smart Education solutions help schools do more - with fewer staff - by leveraging our innovative AI-IoT solutions across all your educational buildings. Enable centralized health-screening, occupancy management and badge reading for students and faculty. Crosswalk safety, parking lot monitoring and building perimeter monitoring with remote security agents and administrators provide a greater sense of security for faculty, parents, and students.

Public Private Partnerships

A Public–Private Partnership is a cooperative arrangement between two or more public and private sectors. Private businesses such as malls, shopping centers and enterprise customers are able to assist and fund SCaaS solutions for the sole benefit of the public safety agencies involved.

Explore how our SCaaS™ solutions can help your Community


Increase efficiency and responsiveness - even detect security threats in real-time and thwart security threats before they happen.



Gain real-time insights on your Community and create smart environments. Learn how your data can create sustainable change.



Expand the digital world to your local government, citizens, and businesses and prepare for 5G and beyond.

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